New web site, new book, new year

A whole lot of new-ness going on!  I am very grateful to Alex Pepple of Able Muse Press, first, for publishing my new story collection, Corporeality, and, second, for doing such a thoughtful, insightful and elegant job with editing the stories, creating the beautiful cover design, and everything else.  The whole process has been a great pleasure and I can't wait to hold the book in my hands.
And, yes, a new year.  For me, this time of year is the true turning point.  The solstice is the hinge of the year and afterwards, when the light begins to lengthen, the new year begins.  I know that many people suffer from the lack of sunlight but I have to say that I like these short days.  I like to pull my curtains in the late afternoon, light the indoor lamps, and hunker.  It's the traditional time of year for storytelling of the otherwordly kind:  ghostly tales and other stories of things that purportedly creep through the veil between our world and some other realm.  The veil, they say, gets thin right around now, a bit ragged.  Penetrable.
Lots of you know about my interest in fairy tales, contemporary and traditional.  Mostly, I love stories in which that otherworldly element mixes with the mundane, in which our ordinary daily quotidian is interrupted, somehow, by the extraordinary.  In that vein, I recommend the perfect book for these days of darkness:  Some Kind of Fairy Tale by Graham Joyce.  It's terrific.