The Big Day....

Today is the day that Corporeality is officially released!  It's now available online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and also in book stores (and directly from Able Muse Press, of course).  Yay!  I'm excited and very pleased with the lovely cover art and the whole feel of the book.  Now I hope that readers are pleased with the stories.
This is a strange moment for writers:  the time of what I call "Public-ation," that is, the time when all of the people and events and voices that have existed, up until now, mostly in your own head go public.  It's always a bit surprising to think that other people now have access to your once-private visions and quirks.  It is what all writers work for and hope for, of course.  But it's still odd--or at least it is for people of my generation.  Maybe younger writers, used to the Public-ation of their lives and thoughts through social media, are more used to this. 
The first story in Corporeality, "Suthy Syndrome," has been expanded into a young adult novel called Somebody Up There Hates You, forthcoming in September from Algonquin Young Readers.  The author essay I wrote explains the genesis of the story and how the novel grew out of it.  If you're interested in how life events transform into fiction, take a look at the essay: